Teak Furniture Care

No one doubted the quality of teak wood for supporting any purposes and activities of human being. Since its characteristic and quality, teak has always been number one choice for constructions or furniture.  Teak wood produces its natural oil to protect it from the elements or weather exchanges. Teak wood does not require much treatment or care, when you left it outdoor and untreated, the color will turn into silvery grey patina.

As mentioned before, teak wood usually uses for any purposes, including furniture, both for indoor furniture or outdoors. Teak indoor furniture usually naturally finished or even painted but still exposes its natural grains. Brown or dark brown are commonly used for the finishing colors. In fact, caring teak furniture whether indoor furniture or outdoors is quite easy to do.

Use mild soap and clean water to clean your teak furniture. Use gentle bristled bush to scrub the furniture in the direction of the grain, then all dirt and dust will remove from the furniture.  High-pressure hose is not recommended to use because it can damage your furniture permanently.  Teak oiling is a way to take care of your furniture, but it is not quite necessary, especially for your outdoors. It is recommended to clean and wash your furniture and dried it for about 48 hours before, then waits at least two weeks before applying any products on it. All dirt and residue trapped between wood surface and teak protectors may create irregular colors, and mold on it, therefore, make sure the furniture is very clean before you decide to apply teak protector on it.