A Teak Wood Buffet

MATILDA 80x151x46cm (HWD)

Having a buffet in a home is no longer an awkward thing. Since, modern people have more open minds. Further they tend to like simple things. So do in entertaining guests who visit their homes.

As an indoor teak manufacturer, we didn’t want to waste this opportunity, so we designed a buffet named Matilda Buffet. This is one of the furniture from the Matilda series. This is a lovable simple,pretty, and eye catching buffet.

Made from teak wood which is finished in natural color teak NC. You can clearly see how beautiful teak wood grain is. Matilda buffet has six drawers and two doors. It enable you to keep tableware, dishes, and also some food and drink. Teak wood buffet is the right choice for you who wanna have a functional furniture which is also beautify your room.

Further, it is also available other wooden material. We made by request. Even we could also able to  produce wooden buffet in custom design.