Rub The Surface Of Furniture Then You Will Know

Try to Rub The Surface Of Furniture Then You Will Know The Authenticity Of Choosing Furniture Immediately

Choosing Furniture plays the greatest role in giving other people an impression of your personal home. Furniture material and style will speak for your personality and taste. For example, some people will have a great impression when you set some Indonesian teak furniture in your living room or patio. Teak furniture has been representing classy and resistance tastes for a long time. Teak indeed is durable and functional, so it can represent your personal value of consistency. However, those values can be generated by an authentic material.

Try to Rub The Surface Of Furniture Then You Will Know The Authenticity Of Choosing Furniture Immediately
Try to Rub The Surface Of Furniture Then You Will Know The Authenticity Of Choosing Furniture Immediately

Purchasing furniture isn’t without risk.

You can simply purchase the furniture which doesn’t match with your home interior or lacks quality and durability. On the other hand, some people try to take your money by claiming mahogany furniture as Teak furniture. There are guidelines that will help you to analyze the quality and authenticity of choosing furniture.

The first you should pay attention is construction. A lower quality of wood can be built into sturdy and functional furniture. Otherwise, a Teak wood with grade “A” can be nothing as the construction is bad built. Solid wood construction has better durability than aluminum or particle board construction.

Secondly, durable design furniture style can be your perfect choice as you can mix and match without worrying rapid change of trend. Third, the final layer of the furniture will determine how it looks, it’s better for you to make sure the quality of furniture’s finishing. Fourth, it’s better to choose the dark color of upholstery for furniture that is often used. Last, the most important of choosing furniture is how the furniture can represent your personal taste.


So, if those tips are representing the authenticity concepts, how do we manage it in order to buy the right furniture?

The wood texture and character become your first and main clue to determine whether it’s authentic or not. For example, teak wood doesn’t splinter but mahogany does. If you’re planning to buy teak furniture, you should rub the surface with your bare hands, if you get splinter then it must be fake. However, if you’re looking for oak furniture you will consider another character of the wood. It’s better to do some researches scooping the information details of material, specification, and reviews.


Woods have a distinct smell, as Teak wood has a lighter smell of fragrance due to its oil content. Several kinds of wood will turn the color of the sunrise and sunset, but others will keep their color for years due to their ages or special treatment. It will help you to decide furniture based on its model, indoor or outdoor purpose or other preferences. In order to check this aspect of quality, you should do tour surrounding the furniture stores and do some comparison.


However, since the past 8 years Teak wood has been getting rare and based on Indonesian wood industries report, it’s the rarest wooden material now. Most of the craftsmen have abandoned Teak wood for their furniture material.

Now, the Teak wood scarcity is affecting the wood manufacturers. The local government of Indonesia requires the industry to produce furniture from sustainable materials only. This development somehow can affect the term of impression, as the scarcity is closely related to the illegal and irresponsible logging. Along with its way to extinction, Teak wood becomes more expensive than before.


Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be a worry as there is a way to get legal and standardized wooden furniture through licensed products. For example, the Indonesian and other East Asian wooden products should be licensed FLEGT to be able to penetrate the Europe market. The license will assure you the legality of the wood as it’s been through the wood legality verification system. The furniture vendors now are selling the licensed products only.


The licenses will help you to determine the quality. Of course, you can still use your bare hands to check the quality. The licenses will precise your wooden furniture authentication. In addition, if you do have several options of wooden furniture and a limited time, you can check the licenses and ask the vendors for the specification. This way will help you to speed and precise your wooden furniture authentication. As you finish it, it’s not only about buying furniture, but also the satisfaction.