Indonesian teak furniture

Sania Indonesian teak furniture

Indonesian teak furniture | Hardwood is one type of wood used for furniture, construction material and others that support human activites. Teak is one of popular hardwood from tropical countries. This kind of wood has been used since many years ago, also an important commodity in Indonesian trading. Teak wood from Indonesia has been exported to many countries around the world, because the quality of Indonesian teak is one of the best.

Teak wood itself differs by its grade, which the quality differs according to its grade. Teak wood is distinguish in to three main grades, grade A, grade B and grade C that grade A is the finest quality among others. Grade A teak furniture is the most expensive also, because its quality of wood. Teak wood in grade A is produced from 30-50 years tree; of course, you can imagine the size of it. The characteristic from grade A teak wood i.e. rich honey colors, close grain knot free and oil rich. This kind of teak wood enables to be construction material or furniture. However, the price is certainly higher among others.

Other grade is grade B and C, which, of course, has lower quality from grade A teak wood. It has warm colors and irregular streak of black. The wood itself has some splotches and discoloration. Different from grade A than knot free, grade B allows knots per linear feet. Semi machine made furniture or products commonly used grade B teak wood as a materials. Teak wood in grade C has darkened colors compare to the previous grades mixed with very white colors in places, which is young sapwood. The wood also has dead knots, could be on the top side or bottom side. some wood working made from grade C has inexact joint so there are gaps within the construction. The gap is usually filled with epoxy.

Of course, each grade offers different quality with all the advantages and disadvantages. The conclusion is  adjusted with the needs and purposes, because it determines what type of grade you should use. Well, machine made furniture from grade A teak, which is kiln dried in the initial treatment offers you finest Indonesian teak furniture.