Furniture for the dining room of the family

Dili Dining set

Rafless Dining room furniture Table


The dining room is one room in the house that makes us feel closer to loved ones. Making it the conceptual space warm and affectionate is an absolute must do. I personally think this room has a very important role than the living room in our closeness to the family. Mutual fetch food and water to fill drinking, staring and smiling with mother, father, brother, sister, husband / wife and sons and daughters of us, can come together and enjoy the warmth of family harmony.  It is a very thing we desire in family life, don’twe ?

Especially when our big family get together, a memorable moment many times will be present at each event ate together in the dining room. Then consider in choosing dining room furniture will feel very special, between the table box, rectangular or round with your favorite chair would be quite difficult to fill the dining room furniture. But to consider in choosing a dining table is a table height is above the stomach and below the chest, ideally measuring 75-76cm to high Asia and Europe mostly, and seat dining chairs should be flat, if you choose a chair with a cushion / seat then feel overstuffed so that the body does not feel low when the seat is occupied. In this case the ideal size dining chair seat height is 45cm from the floor, and 49cm for seats foaming / fabrics

This time, there are ideas and simple tips to make dining with a touch of the table as the main point.
1. For a real dining table depending on the room size and the needs of the number of users the dinner table, when your space is limited try not to wear a circular dining table, because a round dining table can cause a lot of space is wasted. A table with a box or rectangular shape will be more appropriate for the size of the room with limited space, and of course all of this depends on your taste each. If you choose the round table as a dining table, dining chairs with backs use slightly curved and can be put under the table, because this type of chair as ideally combined with a round table to give accent sweetener. To adorn it, could use a chandelier over the table.


2. Add rug / carpet length on the floor under the dining room table to see the impression of warmth. To label this style chair any kind of timber will be the ideal choice. Whether it’s a kind of retro chairs, minimalist and french.

In a dining room that is not too broad, we have to be more creative in terms of organizing everything inside the room. For example you could use the tables and chairs are sleek to showcase exciting new perspectives to the cozy dining room. For example, solid wood chair with slender legs minimalist or retro curved shape  can be very ideal.

So, here they are…Sometimes it is fun to think of having the dining room furniture with its own design based on the concept of personal. So they can add exciting new accents to enjoy the warm atmosphere with family.
How about you? What kind of idea that you want to show for your dining  room?
Hopefully you are inspired by the simple ideas of reference for this dining room. Thanks for stopping by and have a joy with your lovely family!