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Colorado Stacking Arm Chair

Colorado Stacking Arm Chair

Colorado Stacking Arm Chair is one of the new design of wisanka Designer by using aluminum in the chassis as well as in combination with woven rope makes Colorado Stacking Arm Chair impressed Elegant, exclusive, modern and seem mild. Colorado Stacking Arm Chair is perfect for patio chairs, dining chairs, outdoor and indoor cafes. Indoor […]

Concept of Indoor Modern Furniture for Home

wisanka-Indoor Modern Furniture-project-topola-skies-hotel-bulgaria

The concept of Indoor Modern Furniture has evolved remarkably over the years. From the Medieval & Victorian days of huge banquet tables & heavy wooden couches to the more bean bags and chic sofas, furniture has arrived long away. The post World War 2 period saw a wide spread industrial revolution. Many major industries were […]

Indonesian Indoor Teak Furniture Has Flexible Look

Indonesian Indoor teak Furniture

Indonesian Indoor Teak Furniture The indonesian indoor teak is one of the most favorites for an indoor setting. Valued as the best hardwood for outdoor furniture, this material is also much prevalent to indoor usages. When it comes to indonesia indoor teak, there are different qualities or grades of the teak furniture available in the […]