Soft Color for House and Indoor Furniture

Monochromatic colors are one of popular choice for any wall paint or home furniture, particularly at home. Monochromatic colors avoid you from mismatch colors that sometimes bring you to terrible result. However, it has to be combined with other colors for accents. Full monochromatic colors at home will bring you to dull and bored appearance. Even some will said your house is out of date.

Some people might be not very confidence to use bold or bright colors to decorate the house. Then monochromatic is the best way to decorate the house. Otherwise, monochromatic colors bring your house to timeless decoration.

Monochromatic is one color tone with different intensity that applied in the room, whether it is the color of the wall or even the furniture and home decoration used. Commonly the color used is brown, creamy color to yellow. Those colors save to apply in any kind of home interior design; therefore, you will not get any mismatch colors. The colors also enable to combine with white or gray.

First, you have to choose the primary color to apply, and then combine with the same color with different intensity, whether it is darker or paler. The colors combined look in harmony, for instance, you choose brown as a primary colors, then the colors of indoor furniture used can be varied to dark brown to light brown. Like teak indoor furniture which commonly has beautiful honey color to brown. The colors enrich the appearance. On the other hand, if you wish to strengthen warmth ambiance at home, indoor teak furniture that is ranging from traditional to modern style of design enable to choose. Besides white and grey, we can combine any colors with these monochromatic colors, but do not apply in many things. Just use these other colors as an accent to liven up the space decorated.