Colonial Furniture from Finest Teak

If we are talking about the history of colonial furniture then we must talk about the early history of America. Since the word colonial taken from the colonial period that is around 19th century, which the furniture made in this period have distinctive design and characteristic.  Moreover, this classic design is still popular until these days. People still love to use colonial furniture to enhance their houses. Since many of furniture manufacturers produces this kind of furniture, particularly made from famous tropical hardwood, teak.

Colonial furniture, in fact, got their influence from the immigrants who mostly came from Europe. For instance, renaissance style from Italy or the Dutch with baroque style, this also contributed to the colonial furniture history. Those styles of art influenced the development of colonial furniture, which is able to see now.

Teak furniture made in colonial style is one of the best investments for furniture. Its classical design never looks out of date in any time and the quality of teak makes the furniture lasting longer. Beside, commonly colonial furniture made from solid wood material that explains why furniture in this style mostly heavier and more durable.

In Indonesia, numbers of furniture manufacturers produce this line of design, because the market share of this furniture style is still open. Besides, teak wood from Indonesia has known for its finest quality. The combination of finest material and stylish designs can be a magnet for more importers and buyers to purchase Indonesian teak furniture.